Rose Creek Abelia

The Rose Creek Abelia is a compact evergreen shrub that provides year round interest. In spring the foliage will be green and have red stems. Then Rose Creek will begin to bloom clusters of white flowers in early summer and continue into fall. As the weather turns cooler the blooms will take on a rosy-copper hue. In winter the blooms will stop, but then the foliage of Rose Creek will turn purple to continue adding interest to the landscape until spring comes. Once established the Rose Creek is drought tolerant and deer, insect, and disease resistant. Plant this shrub in well drained garden soil in a location that will receive full sun and fertilize in spring will slow release fertilizer to keep it looking its best!

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Plant Name Rose Creek Abelia
Scientific Name Abelia x grandiflora Rose Creek
Brand Name N/A
Exposure sun to part shade
Bloom / Feature Fragrant white bell-shaped flowers May to frost
Average Dimensions 2-3 feet H x 3-4 feet W
USDA Zones 4-9
Soil Well drained acidic soil
Water As needed
Uses foundation plant border mass planting
What's my zone USDA Hardiness Zone Finder
Plant Directions: Sent with order

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