Serene Succulent Planter with Black Wire Hanger, 3" Pot with Live Plant

The metal frame around this container can be secured to the wall to give your succulents a birds eye view. HGTV's Joanna Gaines taught us that plants do not need to stay on a shelf. Capture her modern farmhouse aesthetic at a fraction of the cost with our serene succulent planters and take advantage of your blank wall space. Comes in an assortment of white, green and graphite Hanger is made of black metal Flat base allows planter to sit upright without hanging Pairs well with the Color Washed Succulent Planter, Two Toned Succulent Planter and Hanging Tilly Jelly Fish Comes with a corrugated tray for easy shipping & merchandising Succulent varieties may vary based on availability Container width is 3 inches. SUCCULENT CARE. We're not kidding when we say succulents are foolproof plants, but there are two key things to consider when bringing them home. How much water do succulents need. Not much. A thorough watering every two to four weeks is plenty. Consider factors that affect your home's humidity, like your local climate and the time of year, when determining a watering schedule for your plant. Succulents will be thirsty in hot summer months, but can go several weeks between watering in winter (their dormant season). The best thing to do is check the soil every few weeks. If it's totally dried out, go ahead and water. If not, hold off on the extra H2O. The worst thing you can do is OVER water these juicy plants. Resist the urge to douse them once a week like your other house plants. How much light do succulents need. Succulents thrive in hot places with plenty of sunshine (read: the desert), so a sunny windowsill is the best place for your indoor terrarium or container garden. Your plant will be happy as long as you can give it bright, filtered light for at least four to six hours daily.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone MapThe USDA Hardiness Zone Map divides North America into 11 separate zones; each zone is 10°F warmer (or colder) in an average winter than the adjacent zone. To find your USDA Hardiness Zone, use the map above or enter your zip code here: USDA Hardiness Zone Finder.

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